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HR Activities & Employee Management

Manage all information and documents of employees from entry to exit in one centralized location with the recording of all past experiences gained within an organization. Share Documents and required information through Balance AtoZ.

Personal information input by self to save an HR person time, Employee can update their information on their own. Job Description, Task, and Activities tracking with real-time employees efficiency and daily log activities.

Recording Employees’ strengths and weaknesses such as training, education, performance, talents, efforts, mistakes, punishments, etc. Request for Manpower by Departments with approval workflow.

Employee Recruitment and contract management. Analytical reports of an employee to track their work and efforts. 

Can able to introduce dynamic leave rules, an employee working hour schedule, Attendance rules, and OT rules based on employee wish with approval of workflow. Leave management helps to management leave policy such as leave type, leave year, paid and unpaid leave, leave balance so that employees can able to utilize their leave in a proper way. You can coordinate team tasks so everyone knows who’s doing what. Share feedback, files, and status updates. Plus, get a complete view of work so teams tackle the right tasks at the right time.

Project and Task Management

Managing projects is hard work. Even harder if you don’t use software or have work spread across too many tools. It’s easy to lose track of all the moving pieces—and tough to stay up to date. That’s when things fall through the cracks. Use Balance AtoZ Management Information System to organize projects, make communication easy, and meet deadlines.

Get real-time notification alerts and updates, run reports, and more. You know what’s going on and can solve small issues before they become big problems so you can track your progress.

Make all the important things easy to find, like project plans and details, files, feedback, and more which will boost your collaborations with your team and management.

Don’t miss out on any deadline; stay on schedule. Map out goals and prioritize tasks. You get projects off the ground faster and meet deadlines—without scrambling at the last minute.

The safest way to work on these Pandamic days is working from home. Our Task Management System has the WFH and daily activity log reporting features. Work from home allows users to work from home or work from the office with a remote Clock In/Clock Out System for attendance, with biometric attendance for the office. Employee daily log activities reporting will helps to manage task progress with detail of time devoted to which project. Projects and tasks can be easily assigned to an employee as per the requirements of the project. Quick notification alerts are sent to the specific employee that has been assigned with any projects or task. 

One of the most efficient and effective ways of working with Balance AtoZ is Task Kanban. A task management system with a flexible environment can increase productivity with time-saving. Task Kanban allows users to track their working status on the basis of todo, in-progress, review and done, also users can able to track the task priority that has been assigned to them. Task details can be easily accessed and able to make a checklist, collaborate or add members, with commenting features in specific tasks.

Appraisal & Payroll Management

Payroll Management System helps to keep track of earnings, provides Integrated accounting, helps to record files and generate payslips, deposit directly on account, tax management, and so on. Income management tool helps people budget their welfare payments. Payroll Management System provided by Balance AtoZ can help your business to handle all your employee’s financial records in an easy way.  This provides a hassle-free and automated system for managing employees records. The payroll process includes salaries, bonuses, allowance, deductions, net pay, and generation of pay-slips. You don’t have to worry about manually handling these processes as these can be automated using the payroll management feature.

Ensuring accurate and timely payment has many positive impacts on the business. Making sure your employees are paid in a systematic and timely manner helps increase morale and motivation to perform better. Expense, benefit, and bonus management can be well managed as your business can track and calculate various employee costs. Using this system tracking financial data and accounting is accurate and easy.

Employee Benefits or Income Management will allow user to add beneficial allowance, bonus, SSF, PF etc. to the employee salary. Users can able to track, record and setup every benefits regarding to the organizational payroll system. Employee Deduction  will allow user to add deduction like TDS, tax, fines, etc. from the employee salary. Users can easily track, record, setup every kind of deduction that needs to be reduced from the employee salary. Not only setting up income and deduction but users also can able to generate pay-slips of an employee salary. Payroll Generation is one of the most effective and efficient to record and track salary history of an employee. There is also no need to use several tools for keeping and managing records of employees. You will be able to store and manage all employees information of payroll at a place. Balance AtoZ will facilitate this process seamlessly. It is also easier to retrieve those information when needed within a short time.

Feedback are important for the company to improve its quality of services and products. It increases motivation, helps for better performance, improves relationships, and boosts confidence. Performance appraisal allows you to provide positive feedback as well as identifying areas for improvement. An employee can discuss and even create a developmental plan with the manager so he can improve his skills.

Reports and summaries can help keep your business management activities run smoothly. But keeping track of documents and employee records is difficult as there is a high chance of misplaced documents. Our system helps your business to generate report and summaries from the available records. The system is able to generate reports such as salary statements, payslips, and financial charts. Financial charts visually track various business and financial metrics like liquidity, budgets, expenses, cash flow, and others over a given period of time. It is a great way to tell a story about business or financial markets.

Asset Management

Asset management will allow to grow the organization’s portfolio over time while mitigating risk.  Asset management activity is a crucial part of an organization. It enables you to control operations more efficiently. Asset management helps your business to monitor and track all your assets from a central hub. Assets play an important role in the productivity of your business. Managing them is, therefore, an important activity within the organization. Balance AtoZ can help you manage assets from any location, control assets risks, understand asset’s life cycle, and plan schedules without causing problems to services.

The number of staff are required to manage assets and there is also a chance of error due to human error, forgotten items, broken or lost equipment. It can take several hours to find those errors and solve the problems. Out asset management services help you to solve these problems by keeping track of your assets and manage them from a single place. You can also design and perform effective plans from the assets reports and audits for the benefit of the organization.